Fausto Bianchi
Fausto Bianchi nasce a Cermenate (Como) nel 1958. Da molti anni si dedica come libero professionista all' illustrazione. Lavora prevalentemente in ambito editoriale per case editrici italiane, inglesi e statunitensi. In campo pubblicitario collabora con diverse agenzie pubblicitarie. Le tecniche che utilizza prevalentemente sono: acquerello, computer grafica e pitture ad olio.
On Christmas Day a few years ago, my father gave me instruments of archaelogical excavation. In effect, when y was a child, y thought about my work a day should has been tyhat to bring again in the surface the buried treasures. Maybe it is not chance, if y have come true today that childish dream: every time y try to find out with a pencil the hidden imagines behind text words. Fausto Bianchi at present lives end works in Varese - Italy
Email: fausto@faustobianchi.it
Telefono, phone: (+39) 332 455036 (UFFICIO, WORK)
Indirizzo, address: via Erbamolle 25 , 21020, VARESE, ITALY
Link: http://www.artwork-f-bianchi.com/
Link: http://www.faustobianchi.it/
Link: http://www.autoridimmagini.it/soci/8/bianchi-fausto/
Link: http://www.faustobianchi.eu/
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